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Data needs the best possible organisation

If we are not well organised, we lose time, money, and even human lives. Despite the flood of data we often lack the right information. Processes stop and decisions are delayed. We always need the right information for all goods. But how can we process the data and still protect it from data hijackers, and how can we assign information to the goods?

Possible Solution

The solution is: each item gets a unique identifier and a digital twin, which bundles all relevant information on one website – like a Wiki. That way you can find all the data immediately, instead of having to search for it with great effort. But as of yet, there is no technology or standard for this.


How It Works

The unique identifiers for the items will be usable by all conceivable methods. The item’s web page displays data from the various sources, without storing it itself. So everyone keeps their data, yet can still collaborate better than ever.

What’s Possible

Citizens, authorities, companies and entire supply chains can attach data to any object. So everyone has their data under their control. Multiple storage of the same data is no longer necessary. This improves the efficiency of economic cycles. It makes product information for users more detailed and enhances transparency in the supply chain.


We know that this technology will have an enormous impact worldwide. A network of entrepreneurs and the German Digital Standardisation Association already support us. But we still need help from across Europe, and hope for your support.